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In spring production, precision is the key. While technical springs (as C parts) are not always an area of focus, these sometimes tiny power packs need to operate flawlessly – even after many years. Experienced spring experts, the latest technologies and modern measuring and test procedures are in action every day in our spring production department and guarantee the best possible results. Technical spring production has a long history at HÜFRA. Our expertise and, above all, our passion is evident in every spring that we produce. That’s why we are trusted by customers from all over the world. Rely on quality “made in Germany” – with HÜFRA manufacturing processes.

Potential processes

  • Spring coiling with process control
  • Degreasing/cleaning
  • Heat treatment
  • Spring end grinding
  • Deburring
  • Shot peening
  • Glass bead/corundum peening
  • Barrel finishing
  • Hot setting
  • Cold setting
  • 100% force testing
  • 100% automatic visual inspections
  • Sorting
  • Demagnetising
  • Final cleaning
  • Induction brazing

Versatile surface treatments

Spring surface treatments are essential: Technical springs can be marked directly after production. What’s more, we can also apply reliable corrosion protection for the springs or optimise them for certain functions upon request. Our team of experts would be pleased to assist with all matters concerning the qualified surface treatment of springs.

Potential surface treatments

  • Thick film passivation
  • Deltatone
  • Deltaseal
  • Oiling, greasing
  • CDP coating
  • Tampoprint
  • Kacelit painting
  • Galvanic surfaces (e.g. copper, silver, gold)
  • Sliding coatings (e.g. Teflon)
  • Shot peening (incl. stainless)
  • Glass bead/corundum peening
  • Barrel finishing
  • Final cleaning of springs
  • Ardrox cleaning
  • Staining
  • Nitriding
  • Others upon request

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Types of spring

Types of spring

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