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Bespoke springs and bent wire parts.

Your flexible development partner for springs

HÜFRA is your specialist for technical springs in the automotive and electrical sectors and more

When it comes to technical springs, bent parts and assemblies, we are the advisor and solution provider for you. Our spring factory in Weißenstadt produces customised individual parts as well as fully-automated large-scale production. We provide comprehensive services for springs, ranging from special packaging through to product testing and global delivery.

Whether you need a sample part, series or special-purpose application, HÜFRA springs will reliably tackle your challenges across the entire product lifecycle all over the world. Our machinery, the trained eyes of our employees, extensive testing and countless certifications guarantee maximum precision and reliability for our international customers.

Coil, twist, bend...

Spring production is an extremely broad field. We select the right process for you based on the type of spring and the application, also taking account of the customer’s specific requirements. Discover more about us on the following pages.

High-quality springs

High-quality springs

Compression springs, tension springs, leg springs, bent parts and assemblies

Reliable service

Reliable service

From consulting and development to on-time delivery, we are the right partner to have in your corner.

Technical springs in the automotive and electrical sectors and more

Whatever type of spring you need, you will find the right spring at HÜFRA. Find out more about our products.

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Are you looking for a special application, a prototype or an entire series? Put our performance and delivery reliability to the test now. Our experts would be pleased to discuss your questions and ideas.

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Certified quality management

Certifications in line with current standards guarantee you and us only the best results. Want to learn more about our quality? All the documents are available for you to download.

Certified quality management

Our customers

National and international companies use technical springs manufactured by HÜFRA.

“At HÜFRA, we manufacture your springs precisely in line with your requirements. Our range also includes special-purpose applications. Maximum quality and reliability – that’s our promise to you.”

Oliver Hüttelmeyer, Managing Director