Leg springs from HÜFRA

Properties of leg springs

Torsion springs absorb rotation energy when they are loaded, which is discharged when the tension is released. This is why they are sometimes also called coiled springs. Radial, tangential and individual leg designs are possible depending on the specific requirements.

Applications of leg springs

Torsion springs are used in almost all sectors of industry, as return, hinge and pressure springs, are virtually invisible as well as being extremely reliable:

  • in switches
  • in gearshift levers and brakes
  • in transmission technology

Production of leg springs

Our product range includes leg springs with wire diameters ranging from 0.4 to 4.0 mm. HÜFRA can supply small quantities or entire series in premium quality. The leg ends can also be machined at the same time by chamfering or shaping.

Special features of HÜFRA leg springs

  • We calculate or design all torsion springs directly for you.
  • The leg positions and bends are monitored with a laser or camera for maximum precision.
  • We supply double torsion springs and customised solutions.

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